Scatter Partners Webtools
Airdrop List Builder

Requires a wallet like Metamask to be installed.
Owner type can either be Wallet or Contract.
Delete the first row and third column before using on Scatter.
Requires ERC-721s with ownerOf and totalSupply read methods.
As Scatter starts at 1 and not 0, if you are migrating from a 0 based contract all IDs will be +1d.
Else you need put the first ID last and airdrop the owner of the first ID last.
Use at your own risk. Sanity check results.
If nothing outputs, check the console for an error.
If there are gaps in your original minting where some IDs were never minted, don't rely on this tool.
The way airdrops lists work is if you own ID 1, I own ID 2 and 3, and you own ID 4 the list needs to be like:
you, 1
me, 2
you, 1
Then in batchMintTo tab when this list is used we get the same IDs in the new collection when starting from no IDs minted yet.