Scatter Partners Webtools

These tools are meant to help you launch collections on Scatter (though random people may find these tools useful, they were designed for specific use cases in mind). Check the Scatter Docs for more information. Check the Useful Scripts repo for more tools written in Python - some of these tools cannot have web versions made.

Most of these tools work entirely within your local browser. Tools with the 🌐 icon use external services in some way.

Use at your own risk. ALWAYS verify results of these tools yourself as proper.

Remove File Extensions : Upload a .zip file, get a new .zip back with all file extensions removed. Useful for removing file extensions from JSON files.

Search and Replace : Upload a .zip file, get a new .zip back with all files treated as text and with the search term replaced with the replace term.

Update Image Fields : Upload a .zip file, get a new .zip back with all files treated as JSON, the image fields will be updated to use the CID and filename extension in the two fields. If you did not update your images folder directly (as in, it's in a sub-folder of the IPFS CID) you can include the subfolder name after the CID in the CID field with a forward slash inbetween.

Update Name Fields : Upload a .zip file, get a new .zip back with all files treated as JSON, the name fields will be updated to use the prefix and the filename if the checkbox is checked. If you want an output like "Myname #123" you should keep the filename checked and set your prefix to "Myname #" with the # in it.

Dedupe and Merge .txt Files 🌐 : Upload a .zip file or a selection of .txt files, get a new .txt file back with: all ENS (.eth) lines resolved, all duplicates removed, all addresses converted to proper case, sorted list. Some optional settings should be kept enabled in most cases. This tool is useful for combining multiple whitelist snapshots / lists of .eth addresses together into a single whitelist .txt file.

Snapshot Multiple Collections 🌐 : Enter a list of one or more collection addresses to list the holders of each collection. Will produce an output.txt file containing all wallets that own NFTs from the snapshotted collections. DO NOT add individual wallet addresses to the input list here, you can add those after.

Sign and Verify 🌐 : Connect a wallet to be able to sign and verify messages. This is useful to have people prove they own a wallet by having them sign any kind of challenge message. They can give you the result, and then you can verify it.

Refresh OpenSea Metadata 🌐 : Allows you to force refresh a full collection on OpenSea or a range of IDs. If you need to refresh Scatter metadata open a ticket in our Discord and we will do it for you.

Generate Unrevealed JSONs : Allows you to generate a range of unrevealed JSONs. You can use unrevealed JSONs for your baseuri initially before you reveal by setting the revealed JSONs baseuri. After you reveal, you'll want to run a refresh on your collection.

Clean JSONs : Allows you to remove excess ugly fields from your JSON files.

Clean JSONs Traits : Allows you to remove excess traits from your JSON files.

Generate JSONs No Traits : Allows you to generate a range of JSONs with no traits. This is useful if you have a collection of hand made images but don't want traits for them.

Generate JSONs From CSV : Allows you to generate a range of JSONs with traits from a CSV file. This is useful if you have a collection of hand made images and do want traits for them. Here is a sample.csv you can import to Sheets programs to see how you can set up rows and columns for traits.

Generate JSONs By Fields : Allows you to generate range of JSONs with traits based on fields. This is useful if you want to make an ERC-721 collection where it's possible to get duplicates. You can include 1/1s by only having them have 1 quantity.

SHA-256 String : Allows you to conveniently SHA-256 a string.

Text FX : Generate useful text effects from an input string.

Moneypipe Withdrawal 🌐 : Allows you to withdraw from the legacy splitter app, The legacy domain expired and so should no longer be trusted!

Build Airdrop List 🌐 : Are you migrating contracts? Use this to build an airdrop list to airdrop people the exact ID(s) they had in a previous collection version.

Merkle Proofs : Verify that merkle trees generated are authentic, not tampered with. Generate proofs for addresses based on a list of addresses.

Address and Amount Splitter : Split address and amount lists to individual addresses and amounts lists for direct running of batchMintTo.